• Devon Wieters

Christians and systems that marginalize

I have a boyfriend. The best boyfriend. At some point, I would love to marry him. Since my freshman year I have subscribed to a faith that preaches waiting until marriage. I was so excited that I had finally found a guy that I could potentially marry. There’s just one problem: Because of my disability, I can’t legally get married. Let me explain. There is no official law that says I can’t get married, but because of my disability I receive certain benefits from the state. If I got married, the state would severely slash my benefits. Many people are unaware of this, especially people in the church. Many Christians jump right to calling out sin without first getting to know both the person and the reason they are (from their perspective at least) sinning. Isn’t that sad? The Church should be a beacon for equity and wholeheartedly reject “canceling” people, as culture is all too quick to do. Maybe God wants His Church to cancel systems, not people.

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