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Why I love Survivor

“Survivor” has no doubt become an American staple. While some may attribute it to the start of reality T.V, and, thus lament it, I have no qualms about being a “Survivor” super fan. This is my humble opinion on why Survivor has resonated with so many and why I love the show: it is the challenge of all challenges. Not only do you have to survive the physical elements and weather, but also each other and yourself. I say yourself because Survivor can bring out the best and the worst in you. It can make you do things you once thought were impossible and things you would never do in real life. One of the things I find most fascinating is that it will make even the most evil, self-righteous person lean on something greater than themselves. Sandra, the best to ever play the game, said that when they were getting on the plane to go to Fiji for Heroes V. Villains, one of her all-star seasons, she saw fellow castaway Russell Hantz carrying a BIBLE. Just type his name into Youtube and you’ll see why that is so amazing, lets just say I would not want to hang out with him, even in real life.  The gameplay is amazing to watch as when 5 hidden immunity idols were played at one tribal council or when one castaway led a group that brilliantly masterminded a castaway to give up immunity for a girl and then voted him out. The show has also dealt with serious social issues, as when castaway Zeke was outed as transgender at tribal council, or PTSD for a veteran castaway. What I like best about Survivor, though, is that Survivor presents challenge upon challenge, and when you come out on the other side, you find out that you just might be able to be your own hero.

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